Case Study – Can we even prioritize?

  • You are planning to visit your relatives. There is a short cut to reach there which can save up to 1/2 an hour but connecting road does not have any vehicle service center. Larger route is a highway with all required vehicle service facilities but it’s very busy and sometimes with heavy traffic.
  • While joining an organization, Tom have to choose between two options. He can join office in his home town itself or he can earn additional 20% of his perk if he is ready to relocate.
  • Urvashi can either join her dream career or give up to take care of her family responsibilities.
  • You want to go for higher studies but your parents want you to join an organization.
  • Your father want you to join family business but you are a fantastic wicket-keeper.
  • Sam wants to join military services but someone told him that life is not safe there.
  • You are the only earning member in family working in far sea base. you can continue or back to home town with less earning opportunities.

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