Setting Up Priorities – Foundation of Planning

When we are planning for something; we create a
roadmap for reaching up to destination. All related
factors which can affect its happening are charted out and
all required resources are considered for its availability.

In the consideration of these factors; different
stages of planning are created. For each stage, relevant
components are prioritize. It’s like arranging them
in descending order as per their importance.

Once priority scale has been set up; we move to next stage
for implementation. If foundation is well planned and
you strictly follow predetermined steps; you can easily
achieve your target.

Just keep in mind two things.

1. Your target
2. Stick on planning steps

If you prioritize; it looks like :

Priority 1: Your target
Priority 2: Stick on planning steps

Ideally we follow these measures when we have
professional responsibilities. But it should be applied
in each and every phase of life.

I am sure you would be having some short term
and long term plans. But at the same time you should
keep in mind that there are some situational factors as
well which can affect your schedule.

Let’s see some instances:

1. You need to travel your home town for your
cousin’s marriage for one week.
2. Suddenly you got some health issue.
3. Someone hit your favorite car and you have
argument with him up to nonsense level.
4. An issue has been escalated by client and
your boss scold you to respond as per his
5. Your colleague got placement in big brand and
you didn’t qualify.

Whatever would be the instance; don’t forget your
priorities. There could have some unknown situations
but you should overcome them by any mean. You
cannot just leave your miles long path because of some
inch size speed breakers.

Believe me if you learn to prioritize your events;
it will not only help you in putting continuous
approach towards target; but also keep you calm during
unfavorable circumstances.

It is required because you know what you been
made for and you really deserve it.

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